The Scottish Golf Show

Ticket Terms & Conditions
  1. You are eligible to choose any three offers from the list of 19 supplied. Simply mix any three from the list.
  2. You can choose ANY THREE of the 19 offers in ANY DIFFERENT COMBINATION (you cannot select three the same), the choice is entirely yours. To choose,simply tick the boxes of the three offers you want, then fill in your details and select the number of tickets on the next page.
  3. Once you have chosen your three courses, you cannot change them regardless of the circumstances so please ensure you have selected the venues that you – and, if appropriate, your friends – wish to play before you confirm them.
  4. You must bring this ticket with you to gain entrance to the show
  5. You will then take your entrance ticket (stub retained at show entrance) to the ‘Golf Voucher Offer’ stand within the hall to receive your golf vouchers. The reverse of the ticket must be completed prior to collecting your vouchers.
  6. Should you lose your entrance ticket you will not be given your three golf vouchers
  7. Failure to hand in your entrance ticket at the ‘Golf Voucher’ stand during the show will result in you forfeiting your three rounds of golf.
  8. Only the vouchers given to you at the ‘golf voucher’ stand will allow you to claim your three rounds of golf at your selected courses.
  9. Vouchers for the three rounds of golf will not be mailed out before or after the show.
  10. Strictly one set of three golf vouchers per person.
  11. Ticket holders cannot collect the golf vouchers on behalf of others.
  12. This offer is only applicable to those who attend The Scottish Golf Show.
  13. No cash equivalent or alternative offer available.
  14. Affordable Golf £5 voucher - you will be given one voucher which will entitle you to spend £5 at the Affordable Golf shop at the show. It is strictly one voucher per sale per person, you cannot use a friend’s voucher or multiply up. This voucher can only be redeemed at the Affordable Golf shop at the Scottish Golf Show, it cannot be redeemed afterwards at any other Affordable Golf outlet. You must attend the show to collect your voucher- it will not be mailed out before or after the event or be given to anyone on your behalf.


The pre-booked ticket offers are only available to everyone who buys a ticket in advance.

However, if you are under 16, you can gain entry to the show for free but you will not get the three rounds of golf or additional offers.

If you are an OAP, Concession or Under 16 and you want to receive the rounds of golf and the additional offers then you must buy a pre-booked ticket.

Voucher Terms & Conditions
  1. Each voucher entitles you to one round of golf on that participating course
  2. Your golf vouchers are valid from 27th March 2020 to 31st March 2021
  3. Each voucher is individually numbered and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
  4. All golf with the vouchers is subject to availability and can be played any day of the week Sunday through to Saturday.
  5. All golf bookings must be made within 7 days of your selected tee time. See individual course terms for any additional restrictions that may apply.
  6. Should you wish to book out with the 7-day window, the courses, subject to availability, will accept this booking providing you commit to booking one of the offers relevant to that club in conjunction with this offer. See below for the full list of offers from each club.
  7. Tee time allocation is entirely operated by the golf courses. PSP Media Group Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for your preferred times being unavailable.
  8. Be advised that on weekends and competition dates, selected tee times will be reserved in advance for club members & hotel guests.
  9. These vouchers can be used as part of larger group bookings however, be advised that there may be some restrictions on the availability of bookings for groups of 24 or more on dates where business levels across the courses are high. See individual course terms for any additional restrictions that may apply.
  10. You must state the following code at time of booking: “Scottish Golf Show 2020 Rounds Offer”.
  11. You and your playing partners must, at time of booking, confirm all club rules and dress code set by the courses.
  12. You must adhere to the required rules and regulations (including dress code) at all times. Failure to do so could result in the courses refusing you play.
  13. You must hand over your voucher on the day of play prior to playing your round. Failure to supply your voucher at this time will result in you paying full green fees on the day.
  14. Only authentic vouchers will be accepted by the course. No photocopies or duplicates will be accepted.
  15. Courses may ask you to supply credit card details to secure your booking. This is standard practice at most courses. However, you will not be charged a fee so long as you meet your tee time or cancel it within the respective club’s agreed cancellation period.
  16. No voucher can be traded or swapped for a voucher redeemable at any other course participating in this offer.
  17. These vouchers cannot be sold on eBay or any other comparable outlets. If any ticket holder is found to be in breach of this stipulation, they will be banned from attending all future shows.
  18. These vouchers have zero cash value and cannot be re-sold or traded under any circumstance.

Buying more than one ticket

If you are purchasing more than one ticket then the options you select will be the same for all the tickets that you purchase for e.g. if you buy 3 tickets and select Ardeer Golf Club, Pitreavie Golf Club and Woll Golf Club then you will receive three vouchers for Ardeer Golf Club, three vouchers for Pitreavie Golf Club and three vouchers for Woll Golf Club.

Play for Free Offer

You can play for free at any of the courses listed under this offer using your golf voucher – see terms and conditions relating to each course for more information.

Play from £10 Offer

You can play from £10 at any of the courses listed under this offer using your golf voucher – see terms and conditions relating to each course for more information. You will pay the £10 fee directly to the golf course.

Individual Course Terms and Offers

To view individual course terms please Click Here