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  • PSP House
  • 50 High Craighall Road
  • Glasgow
  • G4 9UD

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SEC, Glasgow

22 - 24 March 2019
10am - 5pm each day
22 - 24 Mar 2019
10am - 5pm each day

  • Exhibition Way
  • Glasgow
  • G3 8YW

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The Scottish Golf Show Offices will be closed until 26th March, as we will be at the SEC.

Please do not send an enquiry on these dates, as there will be no one on site to answer you.

Hopefully the following answers to Frequently Asked Questions will help:

Q : My tickets have not arrived/ I have lost my tickets.

A: Don’t worry – just bring some proof of purchase, such as your SAGE PAY confirmation along to the ticket office at the show. If you don’t have this info, the name and address the ticket was booked under will do.

Q : I bought a ticket for Saturday, but can’t come till Sunday now.

A: Don’t worry – come along to the show and a member of our staff will be able to swap your ticket for the correct day – you will be allowed in.

Q : I am trying to buy a ticket for today online, but there is no option to buy a ticket for today.

A: All tickets bought online are sold as advanced bookings and qualify for the free golf offer. For that reason they cannot be purchased on the same day as they are redeemed. You can either buy an advanced ticket for tomorrow or come to the SEC and pay at the door. Pay on the door tickets do not receive the free golf vouchers.

Q : If I pay at the door can I still claim free golf vouchers?

A: No. Free golf vouchers are only available as part of the advanced booking package.

Q : I ordered my tickets today for tomorrow’s show – where do I get them?

A: There is a ticket collect booth situated on the concourse within the SEC – it is well signposted. If you head here first you will be able to collect your ticket before joining the queue at the ticket booths to enter the show.

Q : My friend and I both bought advanced tickets, but he cannot come to the show – can I pick up his free golf vouchers on his behalf?

A: No. Unfortunately each ticket holder is only allowed to pick up one set of free golf vouchers per person. You can however give your ticket to another friend to come along and collect them on your behalf.

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